In the 9th Month

Thursday’s Word 4 Wordcentered Women

To reach the ninth month you have to journey approximately 243 days. If you tried walking across the United States coast to coast you probably could do it with days to spare. Zachary Bonner, a 12-year old advocate for homeless children, did it in about 175 days. If you started a new habit you could have developed at least eight by now. How many books could you have written or read? How many “I love you’s” could you have said? How many “forgive me’s” would you make and how many “you’re forgiven” could you take?

Mary, the mother of Jesus, had a nine month journey. During this period, she carried a baby within her womb that was not fathered by her husband. When he first got the news he was heartbroken and shattered. But instead of cursing her out, stalking her, keying her car, making a scene at her work, posting their business on social media, or doing harm to Mary and then himself; he sought to end the relationship in private so that the woman whom he loved and believed had cheated on him and hurt him wouldn’t be hurt herself. Guess they don’t make men [and women] like they use to. While Mary accepted the news that she would carry this holy seed within her womb with joy, the reality is that she would experience sickness, pain, gossip, doubt and even the threat of being an outcast for becoming pregnant out of wedlock. All of this for carrying the Savior of the world. Wouldn’t you think God would have made it easy for her? After all wasn’t she carrying His son?

Well, my Sisters, it wasn’t God that would gossip about her, it wasn’t God who was going to put her out, on trial, or stone her for what would have been an adulterous woman. Hmmmm, even though that wasn’t the case, I wonder if Jesus thought about how unjust it would have been if that had happened to his mother when years later he forgave a woman caught in adultery for real. My point to all this is I wonder how it was for Mary when she reached the ninth month?


“In the 9th Month” is the title of my Advent sermon series. If you live in the Phoenix area you’ll want to be sure to attend. I believe that for many of you, there’s a gift from God you’ve been carrying; a dream, a goal, a business, a plan, a new life! In this series, I will share from conception to birth. Because interestingly, many people are looking at your gifting with jealousy, envy, in disbelief, and as illegitimate. Your carrying of this gift, this call, this ministry, this life, will at times cause sleepless nights, stress you with discomfort, bring pain, and EVEN MAKE YOU SICK. Yet, know that a birthing is about to take place! Are you prepared? Are you ready to have your life changed forever because it will. Or will you simply give up this gift, neglect it, hand it over for someone else to raise when it becomes messy? Will you give away what God has given you in order to chase after and pursue someone and some things that God never intended for you? Some of you have already given birth to that gift, but, are you truly caring for it? My sermon series will address that as well; yet, for now it’s time to consider what happens “in the 9th month.”

Pastor Terry Marks, DMin.


5 thoughts on “In the 9th Month

  1. Pastor Terry thank you for this “Real” and truthful word. I encourage all women to read this message carefully, and then reflect. We all have a gift of our very own to birth… but what we fail to appreciate is that we all carry our gifts differently, we all show at various times, and we all DELIVER in our own unique way. God has given each of us exactly what He has called us to carry & birth. It doesn’t pay to look at others, especially other woman & their gifiting with eyes & hearts of jealousy, envy, or in disbelief. Your only hurting yourself, not to mention the body of Christ. What God has specifically for you, is just for You. The call, the ministry, the life… it’s uncomfortable at times, it’s hard, it hurts & you may shed many, many tears on those sleepless nights! But don’t give up… take a deep breathe, focus, pray & Push! God has got you covered. Thank you Pastor as your word has moved me to emotion & ignited my passion. Women learn to love & lift each other up, especially when we are in the 9th! If you are in Phoenix check Pastor Terry out… His teaching has touched & changed the lives of so many. I thank you for your blog post Sir… Many Blessings to you & your church family.

    • Miss Niya, your reflection coming from a woman’s perspective who has given birth to two of God’s precious gifts as well as spiritual gifts is meaningful and extremely insightful. Appreciate all that God has given you and take nothing for granted. Many blessings, Pastor Terry

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